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SCOUT Hydro Profiling Detailed Lagoon/Pond/Lake Contour Profiling Services

SCOUT Hydro Profiling System is the answer to obtaining clear and concise shallow water survey data quickly and inexpensively. By not only providing a visual hydrographic ‘picture’ of everything underwater, in any shallow body of water, the SCOUT also provides the volume of sludge in the water body (as well as the volume of free water). The ‘picture’ provided is color enhanced in order to provide clear, definitive delineation of variable depths of sludge, or debris, and includes multi-point water depth over-lays.

The SCOUT sonar hydrographic survey is obtained quickly onsite, often in less than an hour, and the profile can be supplied within days. 3-D views can be supplied where curious underwater images are found. The same technology used for deep sea exploration by the U.S. Navy and under sea exploration companies is utilized. All high quality profiles utilize the latest in GPS (Global Positioning System) and GLONASS (Global Navigational Satellite System) data to provide the exact positioning of all the profile data supplied.

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