About Us

With the demands of growing populations and shrinking resources, water and wastewater utility providers face greater challenges than ever before.

Some of the greatest challenges include:

Aging Infrastructure

Many systems are 50+ years old and require inspection, repair, and replacement, which can place a burden on utility provider budgets

Changing Workforce

Every few years, it is typical for utility providers to experience a 25% change in their workforce; and as operators and other staff members leave, the providers experience a significant loss of institutional knowledge and capabilities that can be difficult to replace

Regulatory Compliance

State and federal laws for safe drinking water as well as sewer treatment continually change and demand superior asset management systems to meet new mandates for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of utility systems

Cost Management

There is a need for utility providers to improve productivity while also driving down operational and maintenance costs

Customer Transparency

Customers expect higher levels of service from utility providers and want access to information now!

Agora Water Solutions was established to help utility providers to meet these challenges and offer effective asset management, cost management, and system efficiency solutions. Agora provides innovative products and services to the water and wastewater industry by working closely with our customers to customize the specific solutions that will work for them. We provide expert consulting, on-site demonstration and training to municipalities, engineers and contractors to offer the most current and effective water and wastewater technologies available.

Our Founder

As an experienced water and wastewater services consultant, Christopher Shirazy founded Agora Water Solutions to provide today’s cutting-edge utility equipment and services to the nation’s southeast region. Agora serves clients throughout the Southeastern United States, providing strategic answers for their unique water/wastewater management needs and questions.

Building Efficiency

Agora examines and develops ways to create efficiency into utility systems, offering innovative system maintenance solutions that allow greater capabilities for managing anything structural in the collection system or treatment plant. For example, one technology that Agora specializes in is systems that reduce the build-up of fat, oil and grease (FOG) in wastewater collection systems. Our team represent products and technologies that eliminate FOG and H2S issues inside the wastewater collection system.

Where We Operate

Agora Water Solutions currently operates throughout the Southeastern United States, with planned continued growth in the region.

Let Agora be your partner in designing the optimal solutions for your water and wastewater utility challenges. Put our knowledge, creativity and expertise to work for you to get the most out of your water/wastewater utilities.