Inside Drop

The Predl Systems’ Inside Drop fitting is a flow management solution for invert elevation differences between manholes structures of 24″ (600mm) or greater. This fitting is made of durable, wastewater resistant polyethylene. It is a low-profile solution that does not obstruct access and can be installed in both new and existing manhole structures, with or without other Predl Liner System products. The fitting helps to limit inflow energy and turbulence; this reduces odor and hydrogen sulfide emissions and the subsequent erosion and corrosion of the concrete manhole structure. It accepts horizontal pipe connections up to 12″ (300mm) and provides a downward facing spigot for 6″ (150mm) or 8″ (200mm) SDR26/SDR35 gravity sewer pipe with an elbow at the bottom to direct the flow into a manhole base channel. The screw cap allows easy inspection and cleaning. It is fitted with a stainless steel cable to prevent loss. The gasketed sealing flange will fit virtually any required manhole diameter.